AllThatChazz welcomes book lovers and podcast listeners

I’m adding new, fun features to The free podcasts continue with readings from Bigger Than Jesus, of course., the site for writers, is still plenty active. (Have you voted in the Six Words of Less Contest yet?)

But what’s different now?

I’m writing more posts for readers instead of just writing for writers. I love you all, but I haven’t reached out to readers enough on AllThatChazz beyond the weekly podcasts. (If you’re a reader with questions, email at expartepress AT gmail DOT com or hit me up on Twitter @rchazzchute.)

As the Ronco hawkers used to say, “But wait there’s much more!” 

If you look down the left hand side of the web page, you’ll also spot a ton of new links to stuff on Amazon, from books to the latest, coolest Amazon blogs, The Hot Deal of the Day, gift cards, Lightning Deals and a link so you can purchase an inexpensive e-reader.

Have I sold out and gone commercial? Gee, I hope so. A dude’s gotta eat. Every time you click one of those links and buy on Amazon, they send me a few crumbs, which, not for nothing, no other store is going to do, so being an Amazon Affiliate seems reasonable. I sell books that are read on free reading apps, but primarily on kindles. Naturally, I want people to buy more kindles so there’s an ad for how to get a cheap kindle.

To support art, this is what the marketplace looks like now. No apologies. Do I miss musty shops and the smell of pipe smoke as the proprietors, an elderly British couple, totter amid the towering stacks of books and make tea while I hunt for treasure in an ancient bookstore on a Sunday afternoon? Sure. I also miss the guy who used to deliver milk. Some people have problems with Amazon because they’re winning. Amazon dominates because they’re (usually) good at what they do. That’s what competition and capitalism are all about when it works, I guess.

I promote Amazon without hesitation because that’s one of the places I sell my

A gripping novella of murder and betrayal bundled with suspenseful short stories that will keep you up tonight. These are the foundation stories of the coming Poeticule Bay Series. New price: only $1.99!

books. I can’t afford a hissy fit about nostalgia. I’m a working writer. Sorry. In anticipating objections, I sound defensive about the new ads on the site. I doubt anyone really cares that, much — or at least no one who’s curious enough to click on a Lightning Deal or the Hot Deal of the Day. 

I guess my answer is, the books are not only packed full of suspense and twists, they’re also super cheap and the podcasts stay fun and free. Amazon’s helping, so please give the links a click. Or even buy a book. Thanks.

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I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse series with an autistic hero. I also write suspense, crime thrillers and dark fantasy. I'm nice.
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