What will you eat to lose weight in 2013?

Is this turning into a weight loss blog? No, not exactly, but it’s all me, me, me. In that sense, it’s like all author sites. I’m opening up more so you can always expect podcasts and fiction here, along with links to my books. And yes, we’re tracking my climb back to sexy.

Here’s a bit of the overview from The Bulletproof Executive. Click the image for more.

I’m drinking my version of the coffee (can’t afford the real┬áthing) and juicing fruits and vegetables (a la Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.) Feeling more energy and all’s well. What are you doing to be healthier in 2013?



I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse serial with an autistic hero. I've also written crime novels, poetry, short story collections and non-fiction about writing, publishing and marketing. I'm nice.

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