Three Dreams

Be a genius for two minutes a day, deal with life and death, face the existential abyss and hear a fresh reading of the chapter “Our Man in Havana” from the fun crime novel, Higher Than Jesus by Robert Chazz Chute.

At 4:57 Dreams bleed into real life in a terrifying way and I’m scared.

11:20 Dreaming to aspire to inspire and trying to find something happy in the darkness.

20:45 Getting back in the groove and getting groovy.

21:21 The Our Man in Havana reading from Higher Than Jesus by Robert Chazz Chute

At 39:00 Check out for a great article on emergency preparedness and BOBs (Bug Out Bags) by author Jordanna East. Then it’s Plugapalooza for and 


I used the Cool People Podcast graphic for this episode of All that Chazz! Darn! Oh, well. I’ll leave it as cross-promotion for Problem solved! Also, this is episode 76 of the podcast, not #75. This headache has taken over my brain. 

Be my hero

Chazz ComicPlease help me out with the podcast costs and keep it going by donating to the podcast using the pretty and equally secure little yellow buttons at or If you can’t do that, please leave a happy review on iTunes. Thanks! 

Podcast art by the great Kit Foster of Music was The Mechanolith by Kevin MacLeod of 

About Rob

I’m the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse series with an autistic hero. I also write suspense, crime thrillers and dark fantasy.

I’m nice.

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