Stuff to Listen to When You’re High

The Self-help for Stoners Podcast is a weekly trip into the weirdness.

With rants, raves and comedy sketches, this is a little escape from any thought of the creeping Reaper who stalks you.

You can upload the The Self-help for Stoners Podcast from this page or from iTunes.

Self-help for Stoners is the podcast to listen to when you’re high. Or not. Still fun, either way. In Episode 1, find comedy, fun fictions, lies to break your heart and rants to tickle your brain. Read the book, Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You’re High. Find all the books by Robert Chazz Chute on



I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse serial with an autistic hero. I've also written crime novels, poetry, short story collections and non-fiction about writing, publishing and marketing. I'm nice.

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