Another Free Book!

Another free ebook! Has Chazz gone mad? Plus, in this chapter of Bigger Than Jesus, our luckless hit man is captured by Vincent and in the sights of a SPAS-12.

Higher Than Jesus is free for you to download until Nov. 23! It’s hardboiled sex and violence with lots of funny dialogue. Jesus is in Chicago killing a bad guy on Christmas Day, brokering an arms deal and failing miserably at group therapy. Grab the ebook as it races up the hardboiled and suspense lists. 

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This is podcast is sponsored by the amazing graphic artist Kit Foster of He can do amazing work for you, too!

About Rob

I’m the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse series with an autistic hero. I also write suspense, crime thrillers and dark fantasy.

I’m nice.

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2 Responses to Another Free Book!

  1. Jacki Dilley says:

    Hi Chazz, did you know that both Bigger Than Jesus and this one aren’t coming up free on Amazon? Of course, we’ll buy them anyway.

    • Rob says:

      Ha! Thanks for that!

      I’ll see of I can tweak the filter on that. What it’s about is a plug-in called Tweet Old Post. I have plenty of old post so Tweet Old Post brings up stuff I’ve written and podcasted over time. However, some posts get retweeted that shouldn’t be. I’ll work in it from this end. Cheers!

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