Workout: Fast and Efficient

I looked it up. As a noun or adjective, “workout” is one word. Still looks wrong to me but never mind…on today’s show: I’ll update you on my progress with The Wild Diet and share my experiments (and my alterations) to the One-Minute Workout (from last week’s podcast). We’ll get right down to the keys I use to get exercise done quickly so I can get on with my day. Of course, before embarking on any…

"Workout: Fast and Efficient"

Food Management: Do the Less Normal Thing

New to the show? This one may change your life. At the beginning of the year, my friend and I were desperate to lose weight. We were eating better but our work didn’t show on the scale. Now it does! New Plan A: If you’re looking for a diet that isn’t a fad, is sustainable and has worked for many people (compete with delicious recipes and real food, I’ll share my experience so far with…

"Food Management: Do the Less Normal Thing"

Do the Art in Everything!

Welcome back to the All That Chazz Stress Relief Podcast. For anyone who is looking to decrease pain, boost energy or manage time and relieve stress, you’re in the right place.* (If you’re listening to this at and you can’t see the mpg player, click the Read More tab to play the show. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a happy review. That helps more listeners find us.)  On today’s show, I…

"Do the Art in Everything!"

Do the Weight Loss Thing!

On today’s pod, I’ll tell you a little about the wonders of unlimited coffee in a Cuban resort (and how I learned to love smaller portions of food.) Then I discuss entitlement and how I combat it. I’m working on me. Please join me as I manage stress, pain, time and energy. You’ll find lots more ideas to manage your time, stress, pain and energy in my book, Do the Thing! The Last Stress Management…

"Do the Weight Loss Thing!"

Do the Stress Relief Thing!

(If the media player above does not work in your browser, click here for the direct download link from my host, Libsyn.) In this relaunch of the All That Chazz Podcast, we’re focusing on what’s most useful to you: stress management, pain relief, boosting energy and controlling your time. This podcast is a complement to my book, Do the Thing!  Most folks know me as a sci-fi and horror author. However, I’ve worked in injury rehabilitation…

"Do the Stress Relief Thing!"

Writing Music & Workout Music Braingasms

(And by writing music, I mean music to write to.) I’m on hiatus from one of my jobs and my other work is slow this week. Concentrating on publishing since I have so many manuscripts banked. I’m going to be be doing more book and life updates here, so don’t forget to subscribe, please. I’m aiming to finish revisions on the next book in the Ghosts & Demons Series (which will all be rebranded The Dimension…

"Writing Music & Workout Music Braingasms"

Time travel: a suicidal comedian, a crazed savant and Kurt Vonnegut walk into a bar…

Ray Bradley wanted to be a big deal in Hollywood. When that didn’t work out, he resorted to suicide. Now the beautiful music only Ray can hear won’t go away, his wife’s on the way out and trouble’s bubbling behind the walls. On a strange and hilarious journey, Ray discovers secrets to time travel. The boundaries separating dimensions crumble as a capricious God of Time plays dice with the universe. The fate of the multiverse…

"Time travel: a suicidal comedian, a crazed savant and Kurt Vonnegut walk into a bar…"

My new cover for Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes

Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes is about a young criminal (me) who returns to New York looking for escape and a second chance. You know what? NYC is pretty unforgiving. Ex-girlfriends and angry brothers weren’t pleased about my return, either. The quest for cash and a new life keeps the plot moving fast. Jump in. You’ll love the ride. Thanks to Kit Foster of for another great design.

"My new cover for Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes"

#Free #SF ends tonight: Last chance at grabbing Metal Immortal

This is an interconnected series, so you can buy the first three novellas and read them as stand-alones. In Book 4, Metal Forever, the survivors of Books 1 – 3 meet to join the epic battle to save the human race. The solutions are always unexpected. Come for the jokes. Stay for the adventure.

"#Free #SF ends tonight: Last chance at grabbing Metal Immortal"