The Tire

Hey suspense fans! This is one of many readers’ favorite chapters from Bigger Than Jesus. In this episode, we get a peek at Jesus Diaz’s escape from Cuba. As usual, nothing goes as planned. Tune in, turn on and drop this in your ears.

Can’t wait to find out what happens next?

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Bigger Than Jesus: My luckless hit man’s name is pronounced “Hay-soose”

Bigger Than Jesus: Nothing ever goes according to plan. Please click here to buy the first book in the series now!

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The Skim

In this episode of the suspense novel, Bigger Than Jesus finds Jesus visiting the lovely Lily Vasquez’s apartment. They aren’t alone, and things are about to get bloody.

Robert Chazz Chute is the author of Bigger Than Jesus, Self-help for Stoners, The Dangerous Kind & Other Stories and Sex, Death & Mind Control.

See the links for all the books.

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Thanks for spreading the word about Bigger Than Jesus!

Hey! Just wanted to thank all of you who helped spread the word about Bigger Than Jesus. So many people have stepped up to try the book and I really appreciate you giving it a go. I hope you enjoy it and if you love it, please review it and tell your friends. So many people participated in the free promotion this week that I can’t thank everyone individually.

Since you’re all so cool, have some fun and enjoy some South Korean pop. The video is hilarious. Is this good, bad, or so bad it’s good? I don’t know, but it is fun. My favorite moment is where the guy sings (shouts?) into the yoga girl’s butt. (For an echo? Who knows?)

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The Grift (plus a free ebook!)

Can’t stand the suspense and want to find out what happens next in my crime novel,  Bigger Than Jesus by Robert Chazz Chute? Go to and grab the free ebook on August 30 and 31st, 2012 and see all the books available now. 

In this episode, hit man Jesus Diaz has to use his wits to figure out how to escape Pete the Bookie’s clutches. All he wants is to escape New York with the lovely Lily Vasquez and the stolen mafia money (if he can find it and avoid getting murdered by his best friend and a pack of assassins.)

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The Last Amazon Giveaway: Bigger Than Jesus

Some free fun for you: If you haven’t already grabbed the ebook Bigger Than Jesus, the last Amazon promotion is on so it’s free until Friday. Bigger Than Jesus is the foundation of The Hit Man Series and the next instalment, Higher Than Jesus, will be out at the end of September. The paperback is $9.99.

All the books are at this link. 

And now off to work on getting Jesus into deeper trouble. (It’s pronounced “HAY-SOOSE”.)

Oh, yeah. If you like it, please review it. That helps spread the word. Thanks!

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Elmore Leonard. You’ve inspired me.

Please click it to grab the gripping, funny crime thriller by Robert Chazz Chute.

I’ve read a lot of Elmore Leonard and I think that shows in Bigger Than Jesus. He just influenced me a bit more. You see, the thing about Netflix is that if you run across a TV show that appeals to you, whipping through a bunch of episodes at once is doable. Keep an eye on the clock because it sure can suck up a weekend. This weekend the kids were away so I watched Justified.

I don’t usually pay attention to who wrote this or that. As much as I love Kurt Vonnegut, one of his books I can’t seem to read. The same thing has happened with all the authors I love: Palahniuk and Goldman, too. There’s always at least one that isn’t for me (which is still an incredibly impressive batting average.) However, the fact that Elmore Leonard was listed as Executive Producer of Justified did get my attention so I sat down and stuck it in my head.

The EP title is sloshed around plenty in movies and TV. Often it means nothing beyond a credit and more (or less) money. However, I saw Leonard’s influence in some of the funny dialogue, at least. The winding story arc held me, as well. I like to goof around in alternate dimensions and figure out where the writers are going with the plot (and what I’d do differently.)

Justified isn’t perfect. No one in law enforcement loses his mind and turns his back on thugs as much as Timothy Olyphant does in this show. However, it’s the funny sensibility of criminals relating to other criminals (and to cops) that I groove on. It’s not laugh-a-minute, witty dialogue, but there’s certainly enough there to make it watchable, enjoyable and good for a bunch of chuckles. 

That inspires me. As I read the reviews and hear the happy feedback from readers of my books, I think there will be a few changes to the next book in The Hit Man Series. I predict a little less swearing, a little more sex, even more clever twists that will read like how-to for finding people who don’t want to be found. And more jokes. The people who love Bigger Than Jesus all mention the humour. Higher Than Jesus will raise that bar higher. Higher than Jesus.

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