I quit my day job: I write, therefore I might be.

Welcome to AllThatChazz.com. Last November 1, I quit my job to write full-time. I published two (great!) short story collections, a (powerful!) novella and a bunch of (surprising!) short stories. Soon, the novels will arrive. Brace yourself. I write twisty and twisted stories with gut punch endings, humour and intriguing strangeness.

This, friends, is a race. Will I run out of money before the books catch on? Will the inertia of my mid-life crisis run out of steam? Will I give up dreaming? Hell, no! I’m betting on me to write well. I’m betting on you to discover me.

Please check out my books or I shoot the hostage! I am the hostage and by “shoot the hostage” I mean I’ll eat a whole failure cake and become a mime who’s hunted for sport. Mimes! The Most Dangerous Game!

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