Choices: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Choices Must be Based on Good Data In my continuing quest to make better choices (a la Do the Thing) I need data. You probably need it, too. Let’s talk about some things you need to know to make those improved choices. I got quite a blow last week. The tax bill came due and, after too long at the accountant’s, the hammer fell. It turns out I need to pay twice as much to…

"Choices: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation tanks and more If you have ever wanted to float on your back in the Dead Sea or get out of gravity and become an astronaut, you’re going to love today’s podcast. Sensory deprivation tanks are slowly growing in popularity again. If you can get to one, or if you are Joe Rogan and are lucky enough to have one in your basement, it might help you with stress, sleep disorders or even chronic…

"Sensory Deprivation"

Vacations: Problems, Solutions and More Questions to Consider

Is it time for your next vacation? What if you can’t afford a vacation. Pop quiz, hotshot! What do you do? What do you do? (I love me a very dated reference from the movie Speed. Such a dumb, fun movie! Also, it was the last time Jeff Daniels was badass in a physical way.) Sorry for the delay in releasing this podcast. After updating my software, my computer is screwing up in a huge…

"Vacations: Problems, Solutions and More Questions to Consider"

Death: How to Deal

Death is a fact of life but we’re generally not very well equipped to deal with it. In fact, most of us ignore it as long as possible. It’s not a satisfactory long-term strategy. Death comes for us all. I got quite a surprise in this regard this week and I want to share how I dealt with it. We’re going on a little field trip and I hope you will find the journey useful.…

"Death: How to Deal"

One of my favorite sleep hacks

Unless you’re a cat, you need to sleep more. I have a sleep disorder but I manage it most nights pretty well. There are plenty of ways to improve your snoozing (and I cover more in my book Do the Thing! so please do pick that up and enjoy.) It’s important to sleep. We need rest and very few of us get enough. Here’s one of my favorite sleep hacks: Use your alarm clock but not…

"One of my favorite sleep hacks"

The Big Calorie Lie and a Powerful Visualization

Visualization Makes a Better Day A good diet is not as simple as calories in/calories out. The kind of calories (and the hormones released are variables, too.) On today’s show, I talk briefly about the big lies nutrition labels tell us. Then, to ease your stress, we dig into a powerful visualization designed to make your life easier. Start with the key: a deep breath brings and an easy visualization slows your nervy nervous system…

"The Big Calorie Lie and a Powerful Visualization"

William Shatner did a lot of things but he’s forever Captain James T. Kirk: A question to ponder

Today, a special question. Normally this would be a podcast day. However, I’ve run out of storage space on my Libsyn plan for this month. (New podcast next week!) I have a piece for you that’s crowd-tested and audience-approved. I posted the question below on Facebook this week and I got so much love for it I decided it’s podcast-replacement worthy!  FYI: To help out with bandwidth costs, please consider reaping the rewards of sponsorship or click the Become…

"William Shatner did a lot of things but he’s forever Captain James T. Kirk: A question to ponder"

Crime, Mysteries and a Chance at a Kindle Giveaway

(Can’t see the pic? Click Read more below.) My contribution to this major sale is Bigger Than Jesus, the first in my series about a funny hitman on the run from the mob, his past and the FBI. Just 99 cents! Inexpensive books plus a chance at winning a kindle! I mean, c’mon and come on over! Click the pic above. Crime thrillers, cozies, suspense! A kindle! Act now!

"Crime, Mysteries and a Chance at a Kindle Giveaway"

Workout: Fast and Efficient

I looked it up. As a noun or adjective, “workout” is one word. Still looks wrong to me but never mind…on today’s show: I’ll update you on my progress with The Wild Diet and share my experiments (and my alterations) to the One-Minute Workout (from last week’s podcast). We’ll get right down to the keys I use to get exercise done quickly so I can get on with my day. Of course, before embarking on any…

"Workout: Fast and Efficient"

Arguing with People Who Are Wrong

On today’s podcast: 1. Your micro-biome and cravings. 2. The most effective exercise doesn’t take long at all. 3. When does arguing help? Is it worth it? It turns out the answer is 4% of the time (at best!) On this episode of the All That Chazz Stress Relief Podcast, I rant a little and I expect some arguing. Yes, there will be some listeners who will object to what I have to say on…

"Arguing with People Who Are Wrong"