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My new cover for Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes

Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes is about a young criminal (me) who returns to New York looking for escape and a second chance. You know what? NYC is pretty unforgiving. Ex-girlfriends and angry brothers weren’t pleased about my return, either. The quest for cash and a new life keeps the plot moving fast. Jump in. You’ll love the ride.


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Deader Than Jesus: The Hit Man Movie

I’m working on the last draft of the next instalment of the Hit Man Series, Deader Than Jesus. My luckless Cuban assassin has big plans for tonight. Here’s an excerpt from today’s revisions… 

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the character of the clever hit man will be played by Jesus Diaz. The actor’s motivation will be supplied by his lost childhood and tortured fool’s soul.

Take a deep breath. Step closer to the mirror. Look into your eyes and try to find the man behind the scary luchadore mask. What happens tonight shouldn’t be narrated by Morgan Freeman. Tough guy voice over work for tonight’s adventure should be supplied by the cowboy in the Big Lebowksi, Sam Elliot. Or maybe Dennis Leary could put a funny, edgy spin on what’s about to unfold, like he does for those truck commercials.

Somebody really badass should play you. If John Leguizamo isn’t available, can Jason Statham play a short Cuban?

I think the book will be out in a month (or less.) Stay tuned, and be sure to read Bigger Than Jesus and Higher Than Jesus. You can jump in anywhere, but you’ll get the full flavor if you start at the beginning. Enjoy.

Night of the Hunter Edition

In this episode, how to locate someone who doesn’t want to be found, how to make a bomb from scratch at the convenience store and a surprise ad for another podcast! It’s all in Night of the Hunter, a new chapter reading from Higher Than Jesus, the crime novel by your host, Robert Chazz Chute. Seriously, the pizza trick is going to worry you if you’re hiding out from anyone.

Sorry for the delays in putting out the All That Chazz podcast. I’ve been working on the finale to This Plague of Days and just finished the last major revision. This is the third book in the This Plague of Days series. The big compendium, This Plague of Days – The Complete Series and Season 3 (each sold separately) are coming out this spring. Yes, I know it’s spring already. Think late spring, so there’s still time to catch up on Season One and Two. You might even guess the secret hidden in the books, but it’s tricky and no one has guessed it yet.

If you don’t know anything about Season One and Two, you don’t know the charm of an autistic boy and his family facing the horrors of an apocalypse engineered by bio-terrorists. Sure, it’s a dystopian sci-fi saga now, but the first of the three plagues could begin for real…I don’t know…let’s say Tuesday afternoon around four in the afternoon.  

My point is, to find out more about my books of suspense, the affiliate links are at AllThatChazz.com. To find out more about the craziest zombie apocalypse ever, go to ThisPlagueOfDays.com

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We have just a few chapters left with the reading of Higher Than Jesus. The the All That Chazz podcast will have a format change. (More on that later.)

In the meantime, check out my other podcast, the Cool People Podcast at CoolPeoplePodcast.com. A new guest in the coming week will talk about how her government banned her book! It’s a fascinating interview, but they’re all fascinating because my guests are all cool. I’ll be talking to many more cool guests on that podcast in coming weeks!

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#NSFW #Podcast: The Fugitive Edition

Back with a vengeance and All That Chazz #81! Colonoscopies! Control issues! Plus a chapter reading from Higher Than Jesus. Be sure to get your copy of Season 2 of This Plague of Days. (Learn more about an autistic boy’s battle with the zombies at the end of the world at ThisPlagueOfDays.com. It’s NOT your average zombie story!) See all the books at all the (affiliate) links in the right sidebar at AllThatChazz.com.

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I’ve been working on books. I’ll continue working on books. However, I’m back to a regular weekly podcast schedule for All That Chazz. Sorry for my absence. Interested in hearing great interviews with cool people? Check out my guests on the Cool People Podcast at CoolPeoplePodcast.com.


Podcast: Get Shorty

Jesus is trapped in the back of the God Eats Diner. He’s just killed two people and feels kind of bad  about it. Worse, he just realized he’s been working for a really bad guy. Oh, and did I mention the back door is guarded by the guy he almost beat to death and there’s no way out because the diner is on fire? Facing a fiery death, my funny, loveable and luckless hit man has a few last thoughts to share. He also has some tough choices about how to die. Coming to Chicago was a mistake.

About the title: I love Elmore Leonard, but today’s author reading is from Higher Than Jesus. The chapter is called “Get Shorty”. Except for the last two chapters, all the chapter titles in Higher Than Jesus are from old movies. I’m a big noir and neo-noir film buff, so that’s why.

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This Plague of Days: A Secret Revealed

What I’m about to tell you is not a spoiler to the story of This Plague of Days.

What I’m about to tell you is a little extra that no traditional publisher would have allowed me to do. First off, let me say this is an odd book about the coming world flu pandemic. Then a variant on the Sutr-X virus transforms the infected into rabid cannibals.

An autistic boy + The Ungrateful Living versus The Running Dead. Get all of Season One for jut $3.99.
An autistic boy + The Ungrateful Living versus The Running Dead.
Get all of Season One for jut $3.99.

It’s two books that come together as one. 

It’s an international thriller in the style of World War Z. There’s a villain, a conspiracy and an intrepid group of underdogs trying to foil the evil plot.

There’s also a midwestern family caught in the first wave of the plague who have no idea the cannibals are coming. They are forced to deal with ordinary humans who have become looters, murderers and fools amid the chaos and fall of civilization.

Then there’s Jaimie Spencer. He is on the autism spectrum and a selective mute who rarely gives anyone a clue to what he sees. He is obsessed with words and their meanings. His constant companion is a book of Latin phrases. Yes, he’s the most unlikely hero you’ll ever meet. And you’ll love him.

So, aside from giving zombies an A-level literary treatment, what else did I do that a traditional publisher would hate (especially for this genre)?

The Table of Contents

Episode by episode, you get the story a bit at a time. Buy all of Season One and you discover…wait for it…the Table of Contents is one long poem. It’s a dark and fun poem. It says something about all of us. It speaks to grim forces, plot points, fun with language. It’s about mortality.

When I told author Jessica McHugh my plan, she made a surprised (WTF?!) face. Then she said it was a cool idea. Maybe she was just being polite, but I do think it’s cool. Why be an independent author unless you can play, defy convention and do something different that some readers will appreciate? Not all. I get that. However, when you tell me I can’t do something, I’m the sort of raging child that has to do the opposite. That attitude doesn’t usually serve me well, but this might be one of those times where people will think contrariness will help. It’s the only way I know to create something unique and interesting.

Whether you’re curious about the story or the poem, I encourage you to please buy, read, love and review Season One of This Plague of Days now. Thank you.

Get This Plague of Days, Season One here.

Get This Plague of Days, Episode One here.

Episode Two and Episode Three

Just released: Episode Four of This Plague of Days

One week to the stunning conclusion in Episode Five!

Podcast: In the Line of Fire

In this episode, a review of World War Z attacks right after the quick and exciting new announcement: This Plague of Days by Robert Chazz Chute is launched! Then, “In the Line of Fire”, a new chapter reading of Higher Than Jesus (complete with sound effects!)

In the last instalment, Jesus Diaz was fresh from a coital conquest of the boss’s daughter. Then he got set up for murder. Poor Jesus! He’s so clever and loveable, yet such a luckless assassin. Pray for him. It’s going to get a lot worse for him before it gets better.

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Heh. Since they asked. Weirds me out to do this but here you go.


This Plague of Days, Episode 1This Plague of Days, Episode 1 by Robert Chazz Chute

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m torn between GR asking for a review and the awkward fact that I wrote it. For what I think? This story is two books in one that gets off to a rollicking start. It’s pacing is odd because it juxtaposes two groups on a collision course that are far apart: a teen on the autism spectrum in America’s heartland dealing with a world flu pandemic and a terrorist releasing a new strain of that virus in London. In America, they’re dealing with civilization grinding to a halt. In London, chaos is unleashed when the rabies-like virus turns the infected into cannibals. The characters in the hero’s family and the boy’s obsession with English  dictionaries and Latin phrases are a special treat.

According to the author.

Ahem. See? Awkward.

(It’s available in serial episodes or as a full season (like a TV show). Three seasons are planned so far. The second season releases this fall.)

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The One That Gets Sexy

Jesus Diaz hits it in Chicago!

In today’s podcast, a short rant about how the hive mind is out to control our thoughts (and how to escape your slavery to the mortal bonds of flesh). Also, the long-awaited erotic adventure kicks in right after a couple of fights to the death as I read the next chapter of my crime novel Higher Than Jesus. The chapter is  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It’s rad and you’ll love it even more if you catch the backstory and set up from the first in the series, Bigger Than Jesus.

Photo on 12-12-05 at 4.33 PMYou can read the rant and get sneak peeks of my new horror serial This Plague of Days at ThisPlagueofDays.com. (releasing soon!) 

More Chazz:

Cool+People+Podcast+FinalI appear on the Inverse Delirium podcast in a comedy sketch and you can hear me interact with another human being on the Cool People Podcast or see us on YouTube on the Robert Chazz Chute Channel.

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