Podcast: Based on a True Story

Chazz versus The Man This week on the All That Chazz podcast, we take a little trip to court and, predictably, complications ensue and things go awry. This podcast is sponsored by KitFosterDesign.com. For excellent graphic design, check out Kit’s portfolio of striking art. Book covers, ads, and whatever else you need, Kit’s the man. For all the books by Robert Chazz Chute, access the affiliate links at AllThatChazz.com. Want a free ebook? Click the…

"Podcast: Based on a True Story"

Working on Death Lessons

Death Lessons has a lot of jokes in it. Really. It’s a funny dark fantasy about the coming demon Armageddon. Think Buffy, but with more swordplay. Like the first book in the Ghosts & Demons Series, The Haunting Lessons, it’s full of action and misty wistfuls roaming New York City. Then there are moments like this, where Tamara Smythe comments on her part-time gig working at a funeral home and picking up bodies from crime scenes:…

"Working on Death Lessons"

New cover for The Haunting Lessons

Tamara is a young woman from Iowa. When tragedy strikes, she discovers she has always been deceived about the world. The supernatural stalks her. Prepare yourself for swordplay, jokes, secret societies and invasions from other dimensions. Please click the image to start your next adventure.

"New cover for The Haunting Lessons"

#Podcast The Harder They Fall Edition

Braingasms, a little American politics, giving Canuck thanks on Canuck Thanksgiving, This Plague of Days and a reading from the crime novel, Higher Than Jesus. There’s a lot of lisping in this reading. There’th a lot of lithping in thith epithode. Podcast art by the inimitable Kit Foster of KitFosterDesign.com. Here are the books mentioned in this podcast:  The Little Book of Braingasms, This Plague Of Days, and This Plague of Days. You’ll find all…

"#Podcast The Harder They Fall Edition"

A very short story. I like my stories like I like my women: dark and bitter.

I got a review today that put me in a bad mood. Everybody gets an opinion. That’s fine and I don’t ever reply to bad reviews. However, borderline libellous statements sap my creative energy and make me sad. I’ve reported the abuse to the platform in question, though I doubt they’ll do anything about it. That’s how these things tend to go. I took an hour off. I lost some writing time. I watched an…

"A very short story. I like my stories like I like my women: dark and bitter."

Horror’s Exploration: A gentle invitation to my Plague of Days

I  think a lot about you and I taking up residence in Nowhere’s Middle. I think how comfortable you are. I want to make you uncomfortable but  you’ll forgive me. Probably. Discomfort is the trip explorers pay for. I want to drag you into the darkness and shine a light on the secrets you keep from yourself. My stories are about your secrets. I probe your doubts with my tongue. I prick your fears with…

"Horror’s Exploration: A gentle invitation to my Plague of Days"

Podcast: Get Shorty

Jesus is trapped in the back of the God Eats Diner. He’s just killed two people and feels kind of bad  about it. Worse, he just realized he’s been working for a really bad guy. Oh, and did I mention the back door is guarded by the guy he almost beat to death and there’s no way out because the diner is on fire? Facing a fiery death, my funny, loveable and luckless hit man…

"Podcast: Get Shorty"