The Podcaster’s Roundtable: That’s me, mixin’ with the swells!

Ray Ortega organized this roundtable of podcast experts (and me, too.) When I didn’t know anything useful, I made jokes. It was a lot of fun. Interesting people talking about haters, trolls, legitimate reviews and negative feedback. Me? I’m only interested in building a cultish army. I explain in the video. 

"The Podcaster’s Roundtable: That’s me, mixin’ with the swells!"

The Mean Streets Edition

It’s podcast #70! However, confidence shaken, join me as I go down the rabbit hole of angst and get past the ennui. Top secrets are teased; new podcasts, books and podcasts are launched; I talk about the glory of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men; writing contests, fear and gratitude. We round out the podcast with some What’s Cool News about a new app called Vine and I read one of my favorite chapters…

"The Mean Streets Edition"