My new cover for Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes

Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes is about a young criminal (me) who returns to New York looking for escape and a second chance. You know what? NYC is pretty unforgiving. Ex-girlfriends and angry brothers weren’t pleased about my return, either. The quest for cash and a new life keeps the plot moving fast. Jump in. You’ll love the ride. Thanks to Kit Foster of for another great design.

"My new cover for Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes"

#Podcast: Some Like It Hot

Back with a vengeance, I talk about how an energy vampire sapped my creativity and hurt my widdle baby feelings. I worked through it, got back on track and now things are going pretty dang swimmingly. If you want to give the therapy talk a miss, go to about 32 minutes in for the author reading. Yes, at last and finally, a new reading from Higher Than Jesus, my crime novel. The chapter is Some Like…

"#Podcast: Some Like It Hot"

More Fury: The Hollow Man Edition

It’s episode #73 and Bradley Manning finally gets to talk. Not to me but to the world, and that’s a good thing (finally!) Chazz is down, furious and off the deep end. This podcast includes recommendations for better podcasts, self-loathing, and whining about taxes. Chazz also gets to read a couple of his favorite chapters from Higher Than Jesus. (Also, Jesus unofficially forgives him.) Chazz also makes time to rail against haters and discovers he’s too…

"More Fury: The Hollow Man Edition"

The Grinding Gears Edition

I refuse one billion dollars from Yoda! General chaos, rabid dogs and the sequester grind my gears as I do battle with Stitcher. I announce my new podcast, Cool People Podcast and give you a sneak peek (or should that be a sneak “hear”? That sounds weird. Go to to hear the first episode with horror author and zombie-loving Armand Rosamilia.) Also on the show, a medical update of terror, special thank yous and (two,…

"The Grinding Gears Edition"

The Unknown Man Edition

In this edition of the All That Chazz podcast: Oscar fallout; scary health scares; great big kid love; Higher Than Jesus wins a cover design award; Six Seconds is released and I do a challenging (some dicks would say embarrassing) reading of chapter 7, “The Unknown Man”, from my crime novel. When I wrote the character of Chillie Gillie, I gave him a lisp. It reads well, but I had no idea how hard he…

"The Unknown Man Edition"

The Mean Streets Edition

It’s podcast #70! However, confidence shaken, join me as I go down the rabbit hole of angst and get past the ennui. Top secrets are teased; new podcasts, books and podcasts are launched; I talk about the glory of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men; writing contests, fear and gratitude. We round out the podcast with some What’s Cool News about a new app called Vine and I read one of my favorite chapters…

"The Mean Streets Edition"

Protect your home from thieves, ninjas and quirky assassins

I’m working on the next book in the Hit Man Series, Hollywood Jesus. Here’s a little excerpt from the first chapter. Read between the lines, and you’ll find some tips on protecting your home from burglars…or quirky assassins with mommy issues. On TV, the hero slips a credit card into the edge of a door to pick a lock. That destroys the credit card — who needs that hassle unless it isn’t your credit card?…

"Protect your home from thieves, ninjas and quirky assassins"

The Future

Jesus is hiding in a Jersey motel, and no one wants that. Recovery, murderous plotting and a little discussion about free will and the nature of the universe. Things also get deep with a little extra surprise at the end of this podcast. Buy Bigger Than Jesus, the first book in The Hit Man Series through the Amazon link to the left. Or donate. Or buy all the books by Robert Chazz Chute on Amazon.…

"The Future"

The Skim

In this episode of the suspense novel, Bigger Than Jesus finds Jesus visiting the lovely Lily Vasquez’s apartment. They aren’t alone, and things are about to get bloody. Robert Chazz Chute is the author of Bigger Than Jesus, Self-help for Stoners, The Dangerous Kind & Other Stories and Sex, Death & Mind Control. See the links for all the books. Writing a book? You need an excellent graphic designer at reasonable prices. Go to…

"The Skim"