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Despite being bitten by a vampire, I’m still alive

Photo from 2013-12-07I’ve been unwell, but each morning when I wake up, I think about This Plague of Days and what comes next. I think about the holes in the plot I must plug and the nice people I have to kill (some even in fiction.) Armies of humans, zombies and vampires will gather to fight for the future and some characters we’ve come to know well are not going to live to see it. Fear not. I’ll balance out the bleak, the outrageous and the hopeful…somehow.

Writing a serial this big is not easy. It’s not digging frozen ditches in December difficult, but it has its challenges. That’s why I appreciate your kind reviews and emails so much. You nurture me. You keep me going. I can hardly wait to hit you with Season 3 of This Plague of Days. I just read another five-star review of TPOD! Wow! I’m so happy about how things are working out.

I had planned to write another book first, but Jaimie Spencer kept coming to me in my dreams and telling me to let the last of the trilogy unfold and get to it. I’m not even kidding. The boffo conclusion of This Plague of Days is a persistent itch that only writing can scratch. And so, yes, be assured I’m working on it. Not as fast as either of us would prefer, I suppose, but each week I steal a few more hours to chisel at the block of granite. The story is emerging in surprising ways.

All runners stumble

This week I allowed a vampire (an energy vampire) to sap me of creativity. I lost sleep and time and got sick. I allowed the vampire into my brain when he had not earned that privilege nor was he invited. If you have even a little success, occasionally you’ll become the target of a stalker or get a rude message from people with ulterior motives. An email dripping with condescension threw me off my stride. Lesson learned. I’ll hit the spam button faster next time. 

And so I come back to what’s important: creating great experiences for me and my readers. I love to play with words. I love to tell stories. I thank every single reader who digs what I do and lets me know they get it. This Plague of Days is our party and, honestly, letting go of the guest of honor, Jaimie Spencer, will be hard to do.

For me, leaving Jaimie and the Spencers behind to write other books is going to be like leaving The Last Cafe…and that statement will be explained in Season 3 of This Plague of Days.

We appreciate your patience. Please stand by…

#Podcast The Harder They Fall Edition

Braingasms, a little American politics, giving Canuck thanks on Canuck Thanksgiving, This Plague of Days and a reading from the crime novel, Higher Than Jesus. There’s a lot of lisping in this reading. There’th a lot of lithping in thith epithode.

Podcast art by the inimitable Kit Foster of KitFosterDesign.com.

Here are the books mentioned in this podcast: 

The Little Book of Braingasms, This Plague Of Days, and This Plague of Days. You’ll find all the links to the books at AllThatChazz.com.

You can learn more about This Plague of Days at ThisPlagueOfDays.com.

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This Plague of Days: Season Two, Episode One is now available

This Plague of Days 2 E1 0918 AMAZON

The price is only 99 cents per episode for five episodes of Season 2, released weekly. Want a better deal? The price goes up in November, 2013, but you can grab all of Season 2 for only $3.99 now.) Click the covers below to grab Seasons One and Two.

This Plague of Days Season 2 0918

Thank you to all those who made my books bestsellers. ~ Chazz

Season Two of This Plague of Days is coming. Here’s what’s next.

When you pit a boy on the autism spectrum against a plague, cannibals and an evolving killer virus across several books in a long, sweeping story arc with an large ensemble cast? It takes time to get it right. We’re finally coming down to it.

My right wrist is stiff and weak from keyboarding and prep for the launch has meant a lot of missed sleep. But this is the job I love. Today I’ll be going through the last editorial suggestions from the Ex Parte Press beta team. This Plague of Days, Season Two, is almost ready!

Season Two, the complete season, will be available October 1 at a discount. Then the episodes will come out weekly at 99 cents for those readers who prefer serialization. The book will remain offered at a discount until November and then the price will go up, so please be sure to grab it. 

Season One has been very well received and I’m so happy about those happy reviews.

Next week, the All That Chazz podcast will finally return. In the run up to launch, I had to stop production to focus on getting the serial right. I’m looking forward to getting back on the mic. I have some things to say (like always) and the reading of Higher Than Jesus will continue. I have a couple of cool guests lined up for the Cool People Podcast, too.

For more on This Plague of Days by Robert Chazz Chute (me!), check out ThisPlagueOfDays.com

Get ready for lots of surprises. This Plague of Days was strange before. It’s going to get downright weird.




#VIDEO: Season One of This Plague of Days

In the first wave of the Sutr Virus, sixty percent of the earth’s population dies of influenza.

In Kansas City Missouri, see the plague unfold through the eyes of a boy on the autism spectrum. The siege has begun. 

In Britain, a virologist discovers the woman he trusts most in the world is one of the conspirators who unleashed the Sutr virus on the world. The plague will not stop with flu. It’s coming for you.

As the second wave of the virus strikes, ordinary people turn into rampaging cannibals. Watch London’s fall. The bubonic plague has nothing on the Sutr virus.

Season Two hits in two weeks. The virus continues to evolve. What’s next?

You are next.

Get Season One of This Plague of Days for free until midnight Sept. 19!

September 18 and 19th: This Plague of Days, The Complete First Season is FREE

It's free for two days only and never again so grab it now if you've been holding back. Cheers! Enjoy!
It’s free for two days only and never again so grab it now if you’ve been holding back. Cheers! Enjoy!

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Podcast: In the Line of Fire

In this episode, a review of World War Z attacks right after the quick and exciting new announcement: This Plague of Days by Robert Chazz Chute is launched! Then, “In the Line of Fire”, a new chapter reading of Higher Than Jesus (complete with sound effects!)

In the last instalment, Jesus Diaz was fresh from a coital conquest of the boss’s daughter. Then he got set up for murder. Poor Jesus! He’s so clever and loveable, yet such a luckless assassin. Pray for him. It’s going to get a lot worse for him before it gets better.

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Best? Go buy, read, love and review all the books cha-cha-cha!

Thanks for listening!  

~ Chazz



Heh. Since they asked. Weirds me out to do this but here you go.


This Plague of Days, Episode 1This Plague of Days, Episode 1 by Robert Chazz Chute

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m torn between GR asking for a review and the awkward fact that I wrote it. For what I think? This story is two books in one that gets off to a rollicking start. It’s pacing is odd because it juxtaposes two groups on a collision course that are far apart: a teen on the autism spectrum in America’s heartland dealing with a world flu pandemic and a terrorist releasing a new strain of that virus in London. In America, they’re dealing with civilization grinding to a halt. In London, chaos is unleashed when the rabies-like virus turns the infected into cannibals. The characters in the hero’s family and the boy’s obsession with English  dictionaries and Latin phrases are a special treat.

According to the author.

Ahem. See? Awkward.

(It’s available in serial episodes or as a full season (like a TV show). Three seasons are planned so far. The second season releases this fall.)

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