Episode 5: Be the frog on nicotine dreams

This is the podcast I should not have published. I was so sick this week, my ill body impaired my sick mind.

Listen for the cough and the stomach growl I had not the strength to edit out!

In this episode:

I croak about pet peeves, on being a beautiful loser frog I read a story from my book Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You’re High.

It’s called Penny for Your Thoughts. It’s about a man enduring nicotine dreams and chewing his metaphorical leg off to get out of a real life trap.

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And yes, I’m starting to feel better now, thank you.


I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse serial with an autistic hero. I've also written crime novels, poetry, short story collections and non-fiction about writing, publishing and marketing. I'm nice.

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