Episode 4: You make me want to be a better man

The new episode of the Self-help for Stoners podcast is up!

In this foray into the dark, buckle up for new revelations. This time, it’s personal:

Skinny Pigs and Serial Killer Mom

Burnt Toast and Terrorist Bed Bugs

and The Fortune Teller, an excerpt from my book, Sex, Death and Mind Control (for fun and profit.)


About Rob

I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse series with an autistic hero. I also write suspense, crime thrillers and dark fantasy. I'm nice.
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2 Responses to Episode 4: You make me want to be a better man

  1. Melvin says:

    What microphone do you use?

  2. Chazz says:

    For this one I tried Apple’s Yeti, but in the future I’ll probably just use that for interviews. The first three were done with the Nova mic and that gave me a lot less trouble.

    Had a lot of tech issues with this one in that one monologue had a lot of dropped bits. I suspect it was a problem with going stereo + compression. It was a real headache since I ended up staying up till 3 a.m. and editing my way out of the problem (mostly.) This pod was originally a bit longer. I’m also going to record in mono from now on and experiment with the Yeti before using it again for a podcast. (Glad I got a deal on it.)

    I’d recommend Nova microphones. I got the bottom of the lone Nova for about $156 I think.

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