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Vsauce is a very cool, very interesting guy. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel to learn all the stuff you never knew you wanted to know. The video about how we’re all related is actually kind of creepy if you think about it too long.

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The Punishment

In this episode, Jesus Diaz is still zip tied and at Pete’s mercy. He’s having a hard time talking his way out of taking all the blame for assassinating Panama Bob and bumping off Big Denny De Molina.

Next week: Chapter 9 is The Grift. If you can’t stand the suspense, Bigger Than Jesus is on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback. 

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Sit and DIE!

I just joined a Facebook group for writers encouraging each other to get daily exercise and be healthier. It’s been on my mind a lot, especially after all the studies about how people who sit for several hours a day are at greater risk of getting killed by ninjas. Okay, I didn’t read those studies too carefully, but the upshot was, sit and DIE!

We write from the heart for hours on end. It’s bad for our hearts. We have to eat healthier than the average bear (more blueberries and salmon, less garbage in our pic-a-nic baskets.) I have a treadmill desk and I try to alternate that with the chair, though there are a lot of things I do that make the treadmill desk less conducive to my best work. Walking while working is fine for surfing, not so good for composition.

Today I ate a kale shake (à la Joe Rogan’s recipe), ate egg whites and a few blueberries and opted for almond milk instead of coffee. Tonight, more exercise. It’s all part of the deal when you write for a living. You have to exercise more to live, and perhaps become immortal beyond the page.

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The Dock

Pete the Bookie lectures a tied up Jesus on the trials of Job and his place in the universe. When I wrote this chapter, I had no idea how I was going to get Jesus out of the trap. My first mission was to get my luckless Cuban hit man in deep and figure out how to get him out later. How does he get out? You’ll see.

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The Six Words or Less Contest: Liberty wins!


Check it out here.

At the insistence of She Who Must Be Obeyed, I took a few days away from the Internet. Even when I take time of…no, maybe especially when I take time off, I come back with a refreshed perspective. As a result of the break, the next book will be a bit longer and more complex than originally planned. I also have ideas for an additional podcast and website. This is yet another example of how a supportive family makes all the difference to the art. Without the push to take a few days off, I wouldn’t have more in the pipe now.

In case you missed it, contestant Liberty Montano won the Six Words or Less Contest with “Ezekiel 25:17”. I have a great idea on how to weave that into the story and I’m working on how to use Liberty’s name on a character in the next novel in The Hit Man Series: Higher Than Jesus. 

The work progresses. I’ll have the next chapter of Bigger Than Jesus in audio for you tomorrow. 


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The Circle of Light

Cuban hit man Jesus Diaz meets the next chapter of his fate at Como Si, the New York after-hours club owned by the lovely Lily Vasquez’s father, Pete the Bookie.

Pick up Bigger Than Jesus in paperback here.

Grab the ebook here.

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All for Art. And eating.

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From pixels to paper: Bigger Than Jesus is finally in paperback!

The paperback is out and yes, it’s BIGGER THAN JESUS! Note the endorsement from bestselling author Claude Bouchard! See the back cover, all designed by the great Kit Foster of!

Now in paperback! Click it to grab it for just $9.99.

The paperback is very much like the ebook…with a few changes to the text. If the ebook was everything you desired, but you prefer to have a book you can lick, then you too can own this book made of paper instead of pixels! (Strange, I know.) All for only $9.99! Order now and enjoy! And thus concludes this ad. Much celebration in the bunker this evening… Hey, kid. Pass the sacramental wine.

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