I am not puddin’. I am a jungle cat.

McDonalds used to have crap coffee. It tasted so bad, I thought it was a mistake. Then I tried it again and it tasted just as bad. Then they wanted to compete with Tim Hortons and Starbucks and improved. On my next try, I thought the McDonalds’ coffee wasn’t bad (and it was all I’d consume there.) However, after drinking it, I’d always feel awful and sleepy soon after. I found out why: It’s the mold we’re drinking in cheap coffee.

As a writer, I’m incredibly sedentary. I’m drinking, and chewing, kale shakes with some positive results to combat becoming puddin’. When I eat cookies, cakes and carbs, I feel lethargic. Knock back a kale shake and I feel energetic and focussed. But I missed the coffee. I drink almond milk as coffee, but was overloading on aspartame.

Next addition to the arsenal? Coffee, but not your dad’s coffee. Strong coffee filled with slimming MCT oil, coconut oil and unsalted creamy butter loaded with the kind of fats that are healthy for your brain and make you feel full.

I’m working on brain and body hacks using Bulletproof Exec. I can’t afford shipping in coffee, but I do have access to fire roasted coffee that seems fine. (It’s the mold and mycotoxins often found on coffee beans that make you feel like crap and when I drink the fire roasted stuff, I feel fine. I experimented with the butter (ghee) and MCT oil and coconut oil today. WIth a little bit of Xylitol (or stevia) it’s okay. It doesn’t taste as great as a latte loaded with sugar and cream, but the options I’m working with now might save my life, so there’s that.


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The Ultimate Liar

Creepy and dramatic events unfold! Some mysteries from Bigger Than Jesus are opened up. We finally discover Jesus’s full name, what childhood trauma he endured, how he escaped Miami for Havana on the Hudson and with whom. 

The All That Chazz podcast is sponsored by Kit Foster of Kit Foster Design.com. Want to spruce up your website or picture, get Quote Art, or get a book cover designed? Kit’s a great guy to work with and does a fantastic job at very reasonable rates.

For more about books of suspense by Robert Chazz Chute, click the “Where can I buy your books?” tab. Five more books from Ex Parte Press, both fiction and non-fiction, will be released very soon, including the sexy thriller Higher Than Jesus, the next book in The Hit Man Series.

Thanks for listening! New episode and lots of news next week!

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First sneak peek of the Higher Than Jesus cover

Books by Robert Chazz Chute. Book covers by Kit Foster of KitFosterDesign.com. I’m just putting the finishing touches on my crime novel,  Higher Than Jesus. The ebook will be out soon and the paperback will be launched soon after that. (Lots of things happening all at once at Ex Parte Press these days.)

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Flick That Switch: Be the Change You Want to See

This afternoon I took my son to see Here Comes the Boom, a fun little movie with Kevin James and Joe Rogan. It’s an extremely unlikely story about a 42-year-old biology teacher competing in the UFC to raise enough cash to save his high school’s music program. Henry Winkler plays the music teacher, a guy so endearing, who wouldn’t want to save him? It’s worth a few laughs and it’s sweet. It must have been okay because the moment I sat down I spilled half my son’s Slushie down my ass. I stayed and watched and got into it, though my left cheek didn’t heat up until I got home and had a hot shower.

The thing is, there’s a moment in there that made me cry (not the Slushie thing). I won’t spoil it with details. If you see it, though, it’s the moment Kevin James asks the gorgeous Salma Hayek, “How did you do this?” She replies, “I called him!”

Cut to Joe Rogan, the generous guy. I happen to know that Joe Rogan is exceedingly generous in real life: Hundred dollar tips to waiters for a bagel; helping his friends out; being kind to strangers. Like that.

And my heart said, “Chazz, you gotta be more Rogan.”

I have to do better. I’ve paid my dues and it’s time to be a success. I’m going to make that happen. I want to be the guy who does well enough to be more generous, to inspire others more , to help out more. I will, because I’m also the guy who gets things done. You know how I do that? Deciding. Then decide to do it again, and again and again and so on. The only way up that mountain is one step at a time, moment by moment.

I’m launching a bunch of books soon: non-fiction to inspire other writers and fiction to help people forget their troubles. That’s one part of what’s coming. Stay tuned. In the meantime, be more Rogan.


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The Gambler

Jesus is under the gun again and praying isn’t working. Maybe more deception will help. It usually staves off disaster, at least temporarily. However, Marv seems awfully intent on killing him.

For more on books of suspense by Robert Chazz Chute, go to AllThatChazz.com.

Today’s sponsor is the amazing graphic designer, Kit Foster of KitFosterDesign.com.

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Space Vegans vs. Stephen Hawking

I make Chuck Norris cry with special guest, writer Mark Young. We talk books, vegans from space, politics and I crap on Papa Hemingway. We also question Stephen Hawking’s peculiar brand of robot genius.

In this, the 50th episode of the podcast, we’re doing something a little different. I finally stop monologuing and talk with an actual human being. I know! Weird!  The name of the podcast is now All That Chazz. Don’t worry, all will be explained in my longest podcast ever. This episode is totally uncircumcised. We just let the recording go and had a lot of fun. 

Click the book links at AllThatChazz.com to grab some fine suspenseful literature now in case the apocalypse comes early. More books are on the way soon. If you tuned in to find out what happens to my hit man, Jesus Diaz, we’re into the next chapter of Bigger Than Jesus in the next show.

This podcast is sponsored by KitFosterDesign.com. Mark Young’s blog is http://mondaysaremeatless.blogspot.ca.

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Tools of the Trade: Things go awry

The podcast name has changed from Self-help for Stoners to All That Chazz. All will be explained. Meanwhile, assassins wait for Jesus in Tools of the Trade. Jesus has to get into a locked apartment and the tension stretches out to comedy because, as usual, things go awry for our favorite Cuban hit man.

Big secret: In the next episode of the podcast, something great and unprecedented is coming. Since I’m all about suspense, be sure to tune in for Episode 50 in just a few days.

Check out all the links for more suspense and to jump to the end of the crime novel, Bigger Than Jesus, by Robert Chazz Chute (available in ebook and paperback.) Make all your Amazon.com purchases through AllThatChazz.com to support the podcast. Thanks!

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