One of my favorite sleep hacks

Unless you’re a cat, you need to sleep more.

I have a sleep disorder but I manage it most nights pretty well. There are plenty of ways to improve your snoozing (and I cover more in my book Do the Thing! so please do pick that up and enjoy.) It’s important to sleep. We need rest and very few of us get enough.

Here’s one of my favorite sleep hacks:

  1. Use your alarm clock but not in the way you’re thinking.
  2. Set a bedtime, just like when you were a kid. Make it the same time every night and make it early enough that you get more time in bed to sleep.
  3. Set your alarm to tell you when to get ready for bed.
  4. When the alarm goes off, go to bed.
  5. If you set your bedtime early enough, you won’t need your alarm clock to wake you up. Waking up to an alarm is a terrible way to wake up anyway! Who ever thought that was a great idea? Unless you’re a firefighter, waking up to an alarm makes no sense.

For these and many more tips on stress, pain, energy and time management, go read Do the Thing! now.

And go set your alarm before you forget!

~ Robert Chute writes visionary science fiction, apocalyptic epics and violent crime thrillers. When he’s not doing that, he’s a biomechanic who helps people with stress and pain management. Check out his weekly podcast to help with your life management issues.

Want a time travel thriller to read before bed? Check out Wallflower, the only time travel book that features Kurt Vonnegut as a character (unless you count Kurt Vonnegut books.)

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I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse series with an autistic hero. I also write suspense, crime thrillers and dark fantasy. I'm nice.
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