I'm the horror author of This Plague of Days, the zombie apocalypse serial with an autistic hero. I've also written crime novels, poetry, short story collections and non-fiction about writing, publishing and marketing. I'm nice.


  1. I hope everyone takes time to click the link and check out your guest post. It offered inspiration to me to keep writing, to keep dipping into my stash of stubborness and endurance. Indie publishing, I believe, offers us an incredible opportunity to have our voices heard and our stories read, we just need to hang in there as the diffusion of innovation reaches the middle adopters (hopefully many of them will be getting e-readers for Christmas)! Thank you for this post; we are our own publishers with integrity. My dad referred to my stories on Smashwords as vanity publishing and it was a week before I did what you suggested – tapped back into my dreams and passion that fuels unreasonable belief and started writing again. Great blog, best regards, thank you!

  2. Thanks for reading! It’s frustrating when people don’t get it, but give everybody time and they’ll have no choice but to get it. I caught up on Publisher’s Weekly last night and there’s a literacy charity for the third world that is working on getting e-readers to the third world.

    I thought they’d get all our paper books that we aren’t buying anymore, but in the far reaches of the world, many of the donated libraries are so out of date you have a just a few books spread wide and they’re of the calibre of map books of Newark from 1974.

    If they’re getting e-readers in the third world, they’ll be everywhere here soon. Already the used bookstores here are so clogged I can’t sell my old books. I can still give them to Goodwill, so I do that. I get a lot of resistance from family, too. They’ll catch up when it’s forced upon them and they have to travel two hours to a brick and mortar bookstore that only sells bestsellers.

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