Join the Choir Invisible and the fight to save Earth from monstrous invaders. This dark urban fantasy series is packed with lessons so you, too, could survive the coming ghost and demon apocalypse. 

The Haunting Lessons  (Large)

For swords, sorcery and surprises,

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This is Book One of the Ghosts & Demons Series. If you like it, please review it!

Book Two is The End of the World As I Know It, available to buy here.

End of the World (Large) copy


If you like it, please review it!

Book Three of this series is Fierce Lessons, available now!

Fierce Lessons (Large)


3 Responses to F R E E F A N T A S Y

  1. Michael Mackey says:

    You’re my new favorite writer! You crack me up and make me laugh out loud!
    I’ve got to go I’ve got a lot of reading to do!!!


  2. Dave McMain says:

    Mr. Chute

    I just finished your robot planet series and was suitably impressed. The way you moved from organic to non-organic then back towards organic again was very clever. Does creation imitate the creator? If it does won’t the singularity usher in creations that only improve on the ability to destroy themselves? Or will the AGI find a way to evolve beyond the basic instinct programmed into it? I’m not sure if the future will be dark or bright, but I’m sure it will be. Your work compels me to read on and I thank you for that!

    Kaban, UT

    • Rob says:

      Dave! You’ve made my day! Thanks so much for reading and I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I am fascinated with the questions you raise. When the Singularity kicks in, I suspect we will quickly become irrelevant so our best hope is probably fusion with our cyborganic descendants. Ursula K. Le Guin posits that sf writers aren’t futurists. They work best when they reflect who we are now. I dig it all.

      If you have a chance, please leave a review. Thanks again!

      ~ RCC

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