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The Choir Invisible is Recruiting: The End of the World As I Know It



The End of the World As I Know It hits at the end of April. Are you ready? Click the draft cover above to pre-order the ebook.

Meet new allies, fresh and deadly enemies and a hunky love interest for Tam. Armageddon is going to get hot. Hell hot.

What’s next?

In the follow-up to The Haunting Lessons, Tamara Smythe has more to say about how to survive and thrive in the coming Armageddon. Unfortunately, experience comes from mistakes. The Choir Invisible is recruiting and the Keep is under attack. Expect lots of jokes, surprises, swordplay and magic action in Book 2 of the Ghosts & Demons Series.


The End of the World As I Know It: Armageddon just got even more Buffy

Holly and I are finishing the manuscript for the next book in the Ghosts & Demons Series. It’s called The End of the World As I Know it and should be released in April.


This is a draft cover with a quote from Alex Kimmell, author of The Key to Everything. He was talking about the first book in the series, The Haunting Lessons. I’m hoping he’ll like this one, too. Well. I hope everyone likes it. (Please leave a review. We always need more reviews!)

This fun, dark fantasy series tracks Tamara Smythe, a young woman from Iowa who can see ghosts and demons. She joins a secret society dedicated to defending the human race from demons from another dimension. As Tam’s journey evolves, she shares lessons she’s learned about how to combat evil and survive Armageddon. It’s fun, packed with action, jokes and pop culture references (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for instance!)

Are you a book blogger, reviewer or typo spotter? If you’d like an advanced reading copy for beta reading or for early reviews, please email us at expartepress [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Cheers!

Hardboiled and Dark Fantasy: Two free books right now!

These books are the foundations of two series. Whether you’re into funny, action-packed crime novels or fun, dark fantasy that’s a bit Buffy, click a cover to grab you free copy. If you like it or love it, please do leave a review! Cheers! ~ Chazz

NEW THL COVER JAN 2015 COMPLETEBigger_Than_Jesus_Cover_for_Kindle copy

Working on Death Lessons

Death Lessons has a lot of jokes in it. Really. It’s a funny dark fantasy about the coming demon Armageddon. Think Buffy, but with more swordplay. Like the first book in the Ghosts & Demons Series, The Haunting Lessons, it’s full of action and misty wistfuls roaming New York City.

Then there are moments like this, where Tamara Smythe comments on her part-time gig working at a funeral home and picking up bodies from crime scenes:

There might not be enough leftovers to piece together a whole skull, of course, but that puzzle was a bony jigsaw for the funeral directors.

Happy Tuesday!

Catch The Haunting Lessons here:


Book reviews: In case you didn’t know…

Sometimes when I review a book, I do a video review. Yes, you can do that on Amazon. For instance, yesterday I gave a review to Audiobooks for Indies by Simon Whistler. If you have the time, video reviews are great.

However, if you don’t have the time, a review doesn’t have to be an elaborate, divinely crafted time suck. Just a sentence or two saying you want to join the cult and have the author’s babies will do just fine.

Seriously, though, if you enjoyed a book, please do spread the word. That’s how the last book makes the next book possible.

For your consideration. Thanks! Now go have a great day, or make it a great day.

~ Chazz

New cover for The Haunting Lessons

NEW THL COVER JAN 2015 COMPLETETamara is a young woman from Iowa. When tragedy strikes, she discovers she has always been deceived about the world. The supernatural stalks her. Prepare yourself for swordplay, jokes, secret societies and invasions from other dimensions.

Please click the image to start your next adventure.

Bookalicious! Kit Foster strikes again! It’s a hit, man!

I replaced my old covers with these new ones from my graphic designer!

In Hollywood Jesus, luckless Cuban hit man Jesus Diaz is out to take down a sex slave ring. This time, his opponent beats Jesus at the divine assassin’s games at every turn. Expect twists, jokes, big surprises and instructions on how to do some things you really shouldn’t.

Hollywood Jesus (1)

I love Kit Foster’s covers from

The Omnibus (below) is your best deal:

3 novels in one ebook!

The story arc that runs through Bigger Than Jesus, Higher Than Jesus and Hollywood Jesus tells the origin story of the funniest hit man ever. As he tries to escape the thug life, you’ll hate to love him, but you will love him. 

The Divine Assassins Playbook (1)

Jokes, pop culture references, nefarious instructions on how to deal with your enemies.

BIG NEWS! Two things…

TREE IMG_05171. I’m too busy for Christmas, getting a new urban fantasy novel ready.

(Sneak peek for free on Wattpad)

However,  they left it to me to decorate the tree this year.

Nailed it!

2. Also, you should know I have a flash sale going on now at Amazon.

It occurred to me some people don’t know I wrote something besides This Plague of Days, so just about everything in my digital backlist, fiction and non-fiction, is on sale for a short time for just 99 cents!

Pro hint: The Divine Assassin’s Playbook, Omnibus Edition is three novels for only 99 cents!

Get it now. These low low prices won’t last long!

Happy December!

Intense Violence, Bizarre Themes cover reveal: Launching tonight on Amazon!

The prodigal son returns to '90s Brooklyn looking for forgiveness and diamonds. You know this won't end well for him, right?

The prodigal son returns to ’90s Brooklyn looking for forgiveness and diamonds. You know this won’t end well for him, right?