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Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been ill. I’ll fill you in on everything with my next podcast.  In the meantime, there’s this to look forward to!

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One of my favorite sleep hacks

Unless you’re a cat, you need to sleep more. I have a sleep disorder but I manage it most nights pretty well. There are plenty of ways to improve your snoozing (and I cover more in my book Do the Thing! … Continue reading

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Crime, Mysteries and a Chance at a Kindle Giveaway

(Can’t see the pic? Click Read more below.) My contribution to this major sale is Bigger Than Jesus, the first in my series about a funny hitman on the run from the mob, his past and the FBI. Just 99 cents! … Continue reading

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Your Guide for Stressful Times

I’ve plugged away at researching and writing this stress management guide for a couple of years (and drawing on my training and a 24-year career to inform it.) I really thought I’d publish it last January. However, I wasn’t happy enough … Continue reading

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News, Views, Podcast Ends and Beginnings

The Self-publishing Roundtable, a podcast that’s been going on for years, is ending. I’ve been a guest and co-panelist on this one and I’m a little sad to see it go away. However, new podcasts will rise in its stead.  … Continue reading

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Writing Music & Workout Music Braingasms

(And by writing music, I mean music to write to.) I’m on hiatus from one of my jobs and my other work is slow this week. Concentrating on publishing since I have so many manuscripts banked. I’m going to be be … Continue reading

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Time travel: a suicidal comedian, a crazed savant and Kurt Vonnegut walk into a bar…

Ray Bradley wanted to be a big deal in Hollywood. When that didn’t work out, he resorted to suicide. Now the beautiful music only Ray can hear won’t go away, his wife’s on the way out and trouble’s bubbling behind … Continue reading

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