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Getting better: Video of cupping for the knee

This video was my first experiment with Meerkat, the new livestreaming app. Therefore, no editing and nothing fancy here. Just a quick bit about treating a bum knee and showing what cupping looks like. The circles on your skin last … Continue reading

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The Pain and My New Commitments to You

In this post, I’m going to cover a couple of cool things you may want to be involved in. It’s about a new show, a new book and a new life for both of us. What you might now know about … Continue reading

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Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Listening to Somewhere Down the Crazy River by Robbie Robertson and thinking about sultry nights under heavy moons when you can’t sleep so you walk the streets of the city. You’re not looking for trouble, but you’re open to trouble … Continue reading

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On Writing and Word Jazz: When anything could happen

I’m listening to “Wind” by Ibrahim Maaloouf. I am inside and outside of the music at the same time. It’s smoky, bluesy jazz, the sort that uses rich, full notes to have a conversation with your soul about emptiness. I am … Continue reading

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In suspenseful stories, the one thing we must…

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PODCAST: The Usual Suspects Edition

Hi! Been away a while. Sorry about that. Back on track for 2015 as we come close to finishing the author reading of Higher Than Jesus. Hate my reading? Buy it through! Where have I been? I’ve been publishing … Continue reading

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Robin Williams and the Angry Internet

As the tributes and mourning pour out for much-loved comedian Robin Williams, I’ve seen some strange, disturbing and angry reactions to his death. The phenomenon adds to my sadness. I loved Robin Williams’ comedy and acting. At 63, he leaves … Continue reading

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