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On Writing and Word Jazz: When anything could happen

I’m listening to “Wind” by Ibrahim Maaloouf. I am inside and outside of the music at the same time. It’s smoky, bluesy jazz, the sort that uses rich, full notes to have a conversation with your soul about emptiness. I am … Continue reading

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Fun new look for The Little Book of Braingasms

The Little Book of Braingasms is a fun book of short prose poetry to assist trapped commuters in their endeavour not to kill fellow passengers. It doesn’t get enough love, so I changed the cover. Here’s what the new cover looks … Continue reading

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This isn’t from The Little Book of Braingasms, but it’s the right bitter flavor.

Don’t Make Plans for Next Tuesday We are the armies of the black, forgotten in your shadows, making your shoes, working the pumps and spigots and spitting in your food. We are the robot brigade, smiling at your complaints,  seemingly … Continue reading

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