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I wrote down all my blogs because, in reciting the list, I always forget one. Here they are:


The site for writers about writing and independent publishing. Popular. Frequently retweeted. A free, fun yet informative chucklefest.

POD Chazz 2AllThatChazz.com

(AKA you’re there, and by that I mean you’re here.)

Books by Robert Chazz Chute and the hub for book sales links and the All That Chazz podcast. This podcast features comedy, author readings and commentary about news and politics and anything I consider entertaining. I hope you like it, too.

This Plague of Days.com

This Plague of Days OMNIBUS (Large)

This Plague of Days is my epic adventure about an autistic boy facing down the zombie apocalypse with his family. Part international thriller and part existential contemplation in the America’s heartland, it’s Good, Bad and Evil on a collision course. Once you see the world through Jaimie Spencers’ eyes, you’ll see your own world differently.

Robert Chazz Chute

Robert Chazz Chute

For the Zombie Apocalypse with a very unlikely autistic hero, you want an epic adventure in dark fantasy:

This Plague of Days, Season One

This Plague of Days, Season Two

This Plague of Days, Season Three

or get all three seasons for one low price in This Plague of Days, Omnibus Edition

Science Fiction


Robot Planet

The Crime Novels 

Bigger Than Jesus

Higher Than Jesus

Hollywood Jesus

Brooklyn in the Mean Time

The Ghosts & Demons Series (co-authored with Holly Pop)

The Haunting Lessons

Death Lessons

Fierce Lessons

The Short Story Collections

Murders Among Dead Trees

Self-help for Stoners


Crack the Indie Author Code

Do The Thing!

11 Responses to B L O G A P A L O O Z A & C O N T A C T

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  3. Gari Strawn says:

    Any chance you will have a Nook version of This Plague of Days? I’ve ready Season 1 on my computer, but really prefer it on the Nook. Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Hi! Thanks for asking. I have good news and bad news. It’s always best to give the bad news first: This Plague of Days will not be on the Nook or any other platform except Amazon, until sometime in 2014. After much deliberation, I’m shrinking all the sales platforms for all my books to Amazon because, frankly, that’s where they sell. I’ve given all the other platforms a decent go and the bare truth is that I can’t seem to sell books there. The time and cost of formatting only pays off with Amazon and they actively promote my books. It frustrates me but the math is clear.

      Okay, so that was maybe more detail than you wanted to know and not what you wanted to hear. The good news is I hope to have Season Two in paperback in time for Christmas. Season One is a nice, fat paperback now, which I hope to see tomorrow for the first time when my UPS man comes to bring me a stack.

      Sorry I don’t have better news on the Nook front. Thor knows I’d love Nook and all the sales platforms to be equally cost effective to launch.

      Hope that suits,


  4. Gari Strawn says:

    I understand completely. I wanted to avoid getting another e-reader, but looks like I will have to get a Kindle since lots of other authors concur with your conclusions. My husband and I had Amiga computers back in the day, so we have a track record of picking the losing platform 🙂

    Have to put on my fan girl hat and let you know how much I enjoyed the first season of TPOD and will purchase Season Two and read it on my computer.

    • Rob says:

      Ha! Thanks for understanding. I appreciate that. I was braced for a spanking. I also have a history of going for the wrong media platform, even with a 50/50 shot, still messed up!

  5. Byron says:

    Will you be writing anymore books for the Hit Man Series

    • Rob says:

      Hi Byron. And…yup! Thanks for asking. The third one is about a third written and I’m planning on putting it out in late fall in time for Christmas. There’s also a collaboration in the works with another thriller author for a Jesus Diaz prequel.

      Several books are coming out first. I so appreciate you mentioning it because it does seem that more readers are slowly discovering the Hit Man Series. I’ve got big plans for Jesus. I’m in a time crunch with five book projects in the air at the moment. Don’t worry, though. I won’t drop my favorite hit man.

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