Self-help for Stoners: The Mind Bend Edition

  In this episode of Self-help for Stoners, The Mind Bend Edition, I start right away with a little story from my book Self-help for Stoners. I hit you with my fave tweets, rake the GOP over the cliched coals and hit you with some money-wasting, Canuck-style. You also get a preview of my ad that will soon run on Smodcast Internet Radio. If you like the show, please like us on Stitcher or leave…

"Self-help for Stoners: The Mind Bend Edition"

The 99 cent ebook sale

Surprise! All my shorter works of fiction are now available at for only 99 cents each (plus Corrective Measures is free until Jan. 31)! Grab them all and curl up by the fire with solid short stories and The Dangerous Kind, a novella. Three: The Dangerous Kind, Asia Unbound and  are the Poeticule Bay stories. Corrective Measures and Vengeance is #1 feature Dr. Circe Papua.   If you love them, please do review them! Grab them all by clicking here.

"The 99 cent ebook sale"

Be More Shatner

Here are the show notes for Episode 9 of the Self-help for Stoners podcast: In this episode of Self-help for Stoners, The Be More Shatner Edition, I stage an intervention for Dennis Miller, tell you 25 things you didn’t know about me and read End of the Line from my book Sex, Death and Mind Control (for fun and profit.)     Follow me @THECHAZZSAYS. See all the books or donate at See the…

"Be More Shatner"

Technical problems resolved

The tech problems with my podcast players have been resolved, though I honestly don’t know how that happened. I was halfway through the goat sacrifice and the Wizzard players came back. Hm. It is a “Wizzard” player, so magic might be involved. Perhaps the software sensed my intentions. My friend Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting (@DaveJackson) will probably chat with me this afternoon and explain why I shouldn’t be at all confused. I’ll…

"Technical problems resolved"

The Jesus Harold Christ Edition

  The Jesus Harold Christ Edition opens with a free ebook for you. Pick up Corrective Measures at for free! One in 100 people is a psychopath. In this suspenseful short story, find out why it pays to be kind to dangerous strangers. Jack is a serial killer who only murders people when his psychotherapist says it’s okay. When she refuses him his revenge fantasy over a dispute about a parking space, he has…

"The Jesus Harold Christ Edition"

Hot Sweaty Hottie Motivation

The Sexy Women in Glasses Edition: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE In this podcast, hear the tale of the disastrous new year resolution, Mayan follies and learn how to get your motivation from hot women in spandex. All ends in ruin, but in a fun way. Find the interview with Chazz on The Spacejerker Show at airing Saturday Jan. 7. May Thor bless you! To support the show, please leave a review, tell your…

"Hot Sweaty Hottie Motivation"